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6th Grade Computer Class Newsletter for Parents

 Extra Credit to Final Grade Average 
Review newsletter with your child and share what you think is the most important safety tip for 6th grades. Please feel free to add your own safety tip. 
Students need parental guidance to take care of their digital footprint in our world. Thanks for participating Mrs. Nasto


  1. Bentley Ritter (Sydney Ritter's dad) In my opinion, the most important tip is ensuring that kids listen to their headphones at no more than 50 percent volume. Most sixth graders spend hours each day listening to music or watching videos on their phones or tablets. I'm sure many parents monitor the content they are consuming, but I doubt that many of us make sure they limit the volume of their headphones. I now realize how important it is to monitor the volume to prevent long term hearing damage.

    1. Thanks Mr. Ritter taking care of our ears is important. Thanks for participating.

  2. This is Jennifer Edwards, Trevor's mom. I think the most important safety tip is not giving out any form of personal information over the internet. There are too many people out there making the internet unsafe. The other important piece to this is to monitor your child's social media (if they have it) and to monitor their internet use. iCloud is a great way to watch your kids to ensure their safety while using the internet.

  3. This is Mary, Gabriella's mom. I feel the most important safety tip for your kids is not posting personal information on social media and maybe demonstrating how easy it would be for someone to gather information on them based on their postings. I also think it is very important for the parents to stay abreast of all the different apps that your children are using - there are so many out there and it is important to be aware of the newest and most popular.